Working with unpatched vulnerabilities

Vulnerabilities, these weaknesses which make our IT tools as attractive for hacking as a honeypot, are real pains for everyone.

No software or operating system escapes the never-ending patching processes, especially with the increasing number of connected devices.

• Did we receive the patches on time?

• Have we been targeted or victims of these weaknesses?

• Will patches create other software unstability or incompatibility?

• Are my security policies strong enough and up to date ?

• How are my applicatons and data exposed to cybercrime ?

VEEZO relieves you of this daily stress and protects you from the exploit of any vulnerability or security policies weaknesses, with no effort.

By analyzing each network communication, in total independence, VEEZO is the effective cybersecurity solution for any IT environment.

Veezo keeps your business secured

VEEZO secures all our customers key environments thanks to new rules that are constantly and automatically enforced on all its virtual security officers deployed at each customer premises.