OBJECTIVE : Resell stolen data to other malicious actors for executing fraud or facilitate other crimes.

Dark web allows hackers to resell stolen data to other malicious actors for executing fraud or facilitate other crimes. One of the biggest challenges faced by cybercriminals has always been how to make money from the content they have acquired. Given the increase of stolen data, new specialized Marketplaces appeared to exclusively trade stolen credit card accounts and other sensitive data. The criminals had to worry about finding buyers: they resold the stolen content on these Marketplaces for a lump sum or a share based on the revenues.

More sophisticated cybercriminals can use employees’ credentials to access the internal systems and professional networks in order to make any kind of transactions or manipulations with the credentials of one legitimate user.

The variety of the stores, markets and accounts offered for sale makes it difficult to propose "typical" SOLUTIONS. However, implementing the following solutions will reduce the risks

  • Define, control and limit as much as possible the access rights of each user and application.

  • Enforce a dual authentication solution

  • Set up a dual authorization for database changes, accesses, or replication.

VEEZO analyses and understands the whole IT communications in order to apply instantly the appropriate action to any detected incident and mitigate the cyberattacks.

VEEZO is a complementary service to any traditional security tool offering:

  • The network activity is analyzed in real-time detecting any suspicious or malicious communication

  • The malicious behaviors are immediately intercepted.

  • The appropriate actions are undertaken to mitigate the attacks, notify the managers and deliver the comprehensive incident reports.

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