OBJECTIVE : Exploit Kits allow several Exploits to be used simultaneously in order to target various vulnerabilities of different targets.

An Exploit is a piece of software which can exploit a security weakness left accessible by a person or software. The Exploit kits are automating the exploitation of vulnerabilities in web browsers, operating systems, and other applications.

They will also be used as a container for all types of malicious payloads such as Trojan, Loader, Ransomware, and other malware.

They can spread under the form of fake advertising, compromise files with active content or malicious link via email.

How to protect ?

  • Check and force the installation of the legitimate patches and security updates for the operating system.

  • Disable Adobe Flash Player which will be end of support on December 31st, 2020.

  • Educate users about phishing risks.

VEEZO analyses and understands the whole IT communications in order to apply instantly the appropriate action to any detected incident and mitigate the cyberattacks. VEEZO is a complementary service to any traditional security tool offering:

  • The network activity is analyzed in real-time detecting any suspicious or malicious communication

  • The malicious behaviors are immediately intercepted.

  • The appropriate actions are undertaken to mitigate the attacks, notify the managers and deliver the comprehensive incident reports.

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