OBJECTIVE : Collect personal or banking data of connected users or customers

The Sniffers, usually active on online shopping sites, gather the personal and banking details of connected customers. The Credit Card sniffers refer to the malicious software, usually developed in JavaScript, designed to steal data like CVV credit card numbers. CVVs, these small 3-digit codes on credit cards, allow you to make any type of online purchase. HOW ?

  1. The hacker identifies a vulnerability of a site via a sniffer.

  2. It injects a JavaScript code which will automatically capture and collect the data of all the customers connecting to it (payment card, personal information, etc.).

  3. The sniffer then transmits the stolen data to the hacker for further exploitation.

How to protect ?

  • Doublecheck how third-party plugins works, their servers, and any external communications on your site, and watch for any changes to their initial code.

  • Prevent the launch of any non-essential script on the payment pages.

  • Audit your website to identify any suspicious script or network behavior.

VEEZO analyses and understands the whole IT communications in order to apply instantly the appropriate action to any detected incident and mitigate the cyberattacks. VEEZO is a complementary service to any traditional security tool offering:

  • The network activity is analyzed in real-time detecting any suspicious or malicious communication

  • The malicious behaviors are immediately intercepted.

  • The appropriate actions are undertaken to mitigate the attacks, notify the managers and deliver the comprehensive incident reports.

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