OBJECTIVE : Guarantee the privacy of malicious players by offfering protected hosting for their content.

In order to extend the durability of their criminal business, hackers have opted for proxy and bulletproof hosting services. The Bulletproof hosting are services which guarantee the privacy of malicious players by offering protected hosting for their content. These kind of services blurs the sources and make sure that the content share cannot be prohibited by the authorities. These services often use geo-spoofing techniques to offer a wide range of IP addresses. The term geo-spoofing simply means hiding the real location and making the server appear elsewhere. Basically, it is about changing your IP address. These hosting services are usually located in countries where the regulations and laws are more permissive, not able to disturb the operations of the criminals or to incriminate them.

Criminal forums, Jabber servers (distributed instant messaging protocol), banking Trojans and other criminal operations could not exist without this type of hosting, and people who use these services could not do it safely without the guaranteed privacy.

  • Never share your email address publicly, including on social networks.

  • Never respond to spam emails.

  • Install additional email filtering tools and antimalware to scan and filter incoming email messages.

  • Do not mix up personal and professional email addresses when registering for online service.

VEEZO analyses and understands the whole IT communications in order to apply instantly the appropriate action to any detected incident and mitigate the cyberattacks. VEEZO is a complementary service to any traditional security tool offering:

  • The network activity is analyzed in real-time detecting any suspicious or malicious communication

  • The malicious behaviors are immediately intercepted.

  • The appropriate actions are undertaken to mitigate the attacks, notify the managers and deliver the comprehensive incident reports.

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