What if my applications and users don't have the latest updates ?

Security updates, these patches correcting the vulnerabilities of our precious computers, are a real headache for IT managers and users!

While installing these updates is critical for working in a secured envirronement, and avoid the exploit of exposed weaknesses, patching is a daily pain for the users.

  • Are the patches available and deployed on time?

  • What is the risk of each new vulnerablity and exposure?

  • Will patches causes software issues or incompatibilities?

  • My security policies are up-to-date and accurate ?

Often unanswered questions...

By cleaning every communication, VEEZO helps to this recurring problems and protects each company from exploits or excessive expositions.

Let VEEZO secure you and your business.

VEEZO secures all our customers key environments thanks to new rules that are constantly and automatically enforced on all its virtual security officers deployed at each customer premises.