OBJECTIVE : Collect the sensitive information's from its victims


The Stealers are gathering information from the device of the victims, such as Personally Identifiable Information, the details of payment facilities and other sensitive data. The Stealers are also very popular tools for cybercriminals used to sniff sensitive information of the victims.

They help to install malicious payloads on victims’ devices. The objective, on the other hand, is to collect primarily the identifiers of online services, email clients and files used by the victims. The Stealers creators provide not only the software, but also updates and a premium customer support to guarantee the features of the spyware. Very attentive, isn't it?


The Stealers are particularly effective and used to steal cryptocurrency wallets. The thefts taking place in general at the time of the conversion of the virtual currency to "digital" currency by the account holder.


A Keylogger is a kind of spyware, which records the keystrokes typed on the keyboard. Running silently in the background, one of the techniques is to save the keys in a “log” file and send them to an e-mail address or to a remote server, via FTP. BUT HOW DOES IT WORK? The primary objective of the Keylogger is to start as soon as the Operating System has booted. It will use APIs to retrieve keyboard actions. Its primary objective: record, any event on the keyboard as soon as a key is pressed, and then send this information via the network.

But again, things have evolved significantly, and the Keyloggers are going well beyond their initial roles. They have become applications monitoring tools, can take screenshots, dynamically get the contents of the clipboard, copy the Skype conversations, capture, or block websites, run or delete other programs, etc.


  • Check and report the presence of available patches. It can help to identify the vulnerabilities that have not been patched and the devices that have not received these patches yet.

  • Enforce intrusion prevention systems (IPS), or any network defense tools that can detect and block any malicious activity at the perimeter.

  • Monitor suspicious changes of applications or operating systems or registry files and intercept keyboard recording tools.

VEEZO analyses and understands the whole IT communications in order to apply instantly the appropriate action to any detected incident and mitigate the cyberattacks. VEEZO is a complementary service to any traditional security tool offering:

  • The network activity is analyzed in real-time detecting any suspicious or malicious communication

  • The malicious behaviors are immediately intercepted.

  • The appropriate actions are undertaken to mitigate the attacks, notify the managers and deliver the comprehensive incident reports.

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