Cyber attacks are most of the time undetected

As of today, the majority of cyber-attacks have successfully entered corporate IT environments without being detected. Only a few percentage of network attacks can be stopped by a security tool, which means that current secured environments are unable to prevent the movement or the action of a network-based attack. In addition, the lack of required visibility is a challenge for companies, making the situation chaotic while serious incidents happen.

No countermeasure can be applied without having identified the nature and the characteristics of an incident.

The illegal remote scanners or checkers, which facilitate the collection of information from potential victims, is also widely ignored among companies. Less than 5% of offensive and illegal test activities generate an alert!

While most companies think they are protected, it is often their excessive expositions and weaknesses that can be targeted and confirmed.

Stop these attacks before it's too late - get a Virtual Security Officer - Veezo

VEEZO Analyzes

• Analyzing the criticality of each incident that helps in categorizing the data through the system’s collaborative threat intelligence engine.

• Implementing a correct solution to threat detection

• Working on risk-based behavior and careful note for the future stake.

VEEZO Identifies

• Analyzing and evaluating the complex network of communication, beginning from or targeting your desired assets.

• Watching, Analyzing and Detecting the asset’s behavioral pattern or any malfunctioning, suspicious/malicious actions occurring in real-time.

VEEZO Protects

• Inline on the network; VEEZO can block instantly the malicious communication

• Working on new actions to prevent you

from any new or known threats or vulnerabilities that can be detected through our smart, collaborative engine.

• Quick and responsible actions to any upcoming or existing threats.