Coronavirus, a hacker's boon !

No need to be a scientist to know that hackers quickly take advantage of a weak economic or social condition. It is what we are unfortunately living with the current Coronavirus crisis.

While our thoughts are with the nursing staff and our attention are focused on the evolution of this Pandemic, the cybercriminals are trying to exploit the users and their weaknesses while they are locked at home. Each of us at home and on our own, behind our VPN connection, we can quickly fall into one of the traps set by cybercriminals, allowing them to open a breach and letting them hack you and your organization without any barrier.

Social media, website, sms, advertising, mail, and so on, all tricks are used to achieve their goals. The objective is simple, phishing the user, by whatever means, to obtain sensitive information or even to enter directly into the organization’s network by using the privileged access of the employee to remotely access its applications and data. Hackers are always looking for the easiest way to get money, and data is the main target.

We are currently witnessing one of the largest corrupted e-mail campaigns ever known, most of them identified with the terms PANDEMIE, COVID-19 or CORONAVIRUS.

Yes, it is unfortunate, but cybercriminals do not have the same ethics as we do.

However, there are a few good and effective practices that can help reduce the risk of being a victim:

• Educate your users to the risk and usual phishing techniques.

• Keep all systems up to date with the latest patches and security updates.

• Enforce a strong and secured password policy.

• Keep control of the outbound web activities and stop the access to the malicious ones.

Veezo keeps your business secured

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