Frequently Asked Questions

What customer size Veezo is designed for ?

Veezo offers security to any business size, however it was designed for organisations having a number of users between 15 and 2000.

Who is the competition ?

We offer complementary service to usual Firewalls/UTM/AV/WAF, etc.. Most competitors can be found under the category of “network threat detection and prevention with automated incident response”

Who can sell Veezo ?

Depending on the region, we sell mainly through resellers and partners.

How much work will be required to maintain the system?

Absolutely nothing. Maintenance/updates/upgrades/HW refreshes, etc.. are fully part of the service. One technician may be required for onsite intervention (plug/power/swap HW when needed).

Does the customer need to have an dedicated, and trained cyber security expert for using Veezo ?

If they want to develop/settle an additional security forensic/remediation service only.

Where are the datacentres located ?

In Belgium, Google inc.

Does Veezo comply with the GDPR ?

Complying to GDPR is a continuous effort, and Veezo take care of all data of its customers.

Is a virtual appliance available ?

Yes as a bootable disk including all.

Where are the hardware installed and shipped ?

From EU/Belgium, unless it is an issue with certain destinations, we then work with local partners.

Is the system hardened or come with any security certification ?

Veezo has been registered to independent testers. Although Veezo is not designed to be deployed to a publicly accessible area, the software and OS are frequently tested and patched when needed.

UTM and Endpoint Security also offer threat and anomaly detection, with a lot of preventive approaches, how does Veezo differentiate ?

All the technologies are brilliant and evolving continuously, but in our vision they lack in term of efficiency mainly because :

a. Let the users implement everything themselves (requires skills/knowledge and rules) and doesn't define the rules

b. Try to offer always more features, but then increase the overall complexity.

c. Continuously need to adopt new technologies to have maximum coverage while controlling everything is becoming an utopia these days. Hacking is most of the time happening where the rules are not set properly.

What unique values Veezo is offering to the customer ? What are the USP ?

Plug&Protect, no configuration, auto managed, clear and simplified visibility, no dependency, no skill required, stopping the live attacks passing through the usual protection layers and exploit attempts, visibility and alerts when necessary only, 365/24/7 service.